Algaefree uses ultrasound to combat fouling, algae, and biofilm. The technology has been used for many years in various industries, including shipping and small boats.

Norseaqua will be responsible for the distribution, sales, and further development of the system aimed at the salmon farming industry.

Known technology

For over 13 years, Algaefree has been used to combat algae, biofilm, fouling, bacteria, and odors. Algaefree and their ALPHA ultrasonic sensors come with heavily documented results from various industries around the world.

Among other things, the technology is frequently used in leisure boats and the boat magazine tested the system back in 2013 with good results.

You can read the Norwegian article here:

“We have developed and used the technology for over 13 years, and have documented results within several industries and areas of use. The most important thing is the reduction in the use of environmentally harmful chemicals – a sustainable solution that contributes to a cleaner sea” – Odd Rolfsen, general manager Algaefree.

Great opportunities within aquaculture.

The system has been tried and tested with good results in the breeding of various species around the world. Algaefree’s own website shows several reports of successful reduction of fouling on nets and cages. Norwegian salmon farmers are also already users of Algaefree with good results.

Less fouling on nets gives immediate savings, not only in nickles and dimes but also in terms of improving fish welfare and the overall pen environment. Less growth means less net washing which is stressful for the fish in the pens. Less handling and disturbance of the fish also results in better welfare. In addition, less net washing at farming locations will reduce the service interval and impregnation of the nets, which gives the nets a longer lifespan and reduces emissions of the impregnation of the nets.

Photo: Ole Andreas Kristoffersen 

Jerrard Willis, Product Developer Norseaqua AS

“Another aspect of reducing algae, fouling and biofilm is that it provides better visibility in the sea. Salmon are fed today using an underwater camera. In the peak season for algae blooms and after channel washing, visibility in the cage will be so poor that feeding is negatively affected. Loss of feeding results in reduced growth and longer time at sea” (Jerrard Willis, Product Developer Norseaqua)

Looking forward to launch.

CEO of Norseaqua AS, Gunnar Sivertsen, is very satisfied with the newly started collaboration. We already have a strong portfolio of products for farming that we develop and produce ourselves, but we are open to being a distributor on behalf of other players. We are equipped with a good sales force, industry knowledge and logistics that ensure quick access to the market.

Gunnar Sivertsen, CEO NorseAqua.

“We are really looking forward to introducing Algaefree to the aquaculture industry going forward. This is an exciting technology with great potential within aquaculture. We will also cover the boat market within aquaculture, for example, well boats and service boats are a natural part of the aquaculture market,” says general manager Gunnar Sivertsen.

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