Here you can download the user manuals for all NorseAqua products. Just click the button to download.


Mid-Norwegian Ring

The Mid-Norwegian Ring (MNR) is designed to improve the water quality in the pen by transporting water upwards.


Read more about the Mid-Norwegian Ring here:



Loke Cone Spreader

The Loke Cone Feeder improves distribution of feed in salmon pens..


Read more about the Loke Cone Spreader here:



A quick and easy temporary fix for ruptured feed hoses.


Read more about the Norseclamp here:



NorseAqua Safety Ladder

The safety ladder is as necessary on the cage as a life jacket and helmet.


Read more about the Safety Ladder here:


Cleanerfish kelps

Cleanerfish kelps from NorseAqua


Read more about our cleanerfish kelps here:



Odin Feeder

Odin feeder is an automatic, simple and reliable feeder for lumpfish.


Read more about the Odin Feeder here:



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See our products


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