NorseAqua AS.

NorseAqua is a leading supplier of equipment to the aquaculture industry, with the main focus on cleaner fish equipment and growth. With innovative products in fish farming and cleaner fish equipment, we solve important challenges in the industry and are one of the foremost experts in biological control of salmon lice.

NorseAqua is 100% owned by CageEye – a global company headquartered in Oslo, which, using advanced hydroacoustic technology and data-driven insights. This translates fish behavior into knowledge and insight, providing precise real-time decision support for feeding and automation of feeding.

In this way, our fish farming partners are able to bring out the growth potential of the fish, increase the feeding and at the same time avoid overfeeding. This reduces the environmental impact and improve the general health and welfare of the fish. In this way, it’s better for the environment as well as being a significant improvement for the financial results of our fish farming partners.

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NorseAqua AS was founded of Lars Berg-Hansen on the 14th of September 2014.

– Specializing in optimal use of cleaner fish.


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See our products


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