Floating jetty

NorseAqua's simple and ingenious floating jetties in solid PE, perfect for summer swimming and boating.


A quick and easy temporary fix for ruptured feed hoses.

Gyda recapture device

The Gyda re-capture device inhabits all the same qualities as our previous version, Saga, and expands on it's best qualities, to a cheaper…

The Mid-Norwegian Ring

The Mid-Norwegian Ring (MNR) improves the water environment in cages by transporting water upwards.

Belt feeder

We offer a complete, easy to use dispenser that is easy to maintain. 3500 units are installed and it's currently the most…


CurtainKelp makes it easier to maintain the kelp without a crane. The CurtainKelp is mounted on the cage net and dry easily…

Odin Feeder

Odin feeder is an automatic, simple and reliable feeder for lumpfish.


CraneKelp is customized for users whom dislike a lot of ropes and prefer a crane.