Loke Cone Spreader spanish Datasheet / User manual

Loke Cone Feed Spreader gives you a larger and more evenly spread of feed. Developed together with Salmar, our patented spreader lets you get started earlier with feeding and improve control. You can control the spread from your control room. And with no moveable parts, you no longer need to worry about unreliable bearings of traditional feed spreaders.

Download our Loke Cone Spreader datasheet here.

Download our Loke Cone Spreader user manual here.


The Loke Cone Feeder improves distribution of feed in salmon pens.

There are numerous benefits:

  • More efficient start feeding of smolt.
  • Better survival of the smolt.
  • Less waste of feed.
  • Less variation in the size of the fish.

As of August 2019, over 70 salmon pens use Loke Cone Feed Spreader to optimize feeding.


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